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Our Practice

Investment Philosophy

We work with individuals and business clients to implement disciplined investment strategies designed to help them achieve their financial goals. As we strive to accomplish this, we base our actions on the following governing values:

  • Provide high quality services in the field of financial planning and investments. We place your interests first and endeavor to establish a long-term relationship.

  • Work closely with you and your attorney, accountant, family, and other advisors to develop appropriate investment strategies for your particular situation.

  • Believe in a managed portfolio of stocks, rather than bets on individual companies.

  • Believe that successful investing takes time, not timing.

  • Believe that asset allocation and diversification are important strategies that may lower your portfolio’s volatility and increase returns over the long-term.

  • Finally, believe that investing is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. In today’s ever-changing financial markets, we keep abreast of new developments. We encourage you to talk with us about your account and changes in your situation over time. We strive to understand these changes so we can provide appropriate advice for your unique and changing situation.

Our Process

Information Gathering
The initial step of the process is critical. The analysis we do is only as good as the information that goes into it. Our initial meeting is solely for the purpose of information gathering and carefully assessing your long-term goals and objectives. It is also an opportunity for you to become familiar with us as individuals.

After we feel confident that we have the information necessary to fully analyze your situation, we employ the vast resources of Baird. This includes planning tools, performance and risk analysis, consulting with internal experts, collaboration with your existing advisors if desired and anything else that may be appropriate to formulate a thorough and comprehensive strategy.

Recommendations and Plan Implementation
We present our recommendations in the form of a proposal. The recommendation meeting is an opportunity for you to examine applicable strategies that seek to help you achieve your financial goals. Our discussion will be focused on the characteristics of the strategies so you fully understand them and feel comfortable with them. It is only after you feel completely comfortable that we implement the recommended strategies.

Review and Monitoring
There is continuous change in the investment landscape and it is imperative to have a disciplined and comprehensive monitoring procedure. We will continuously monitor the portfolio and suggest modifications as needed. We will also develop a mutually agreeable review meeting schedule.

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